Find Dad's Gift in Our Father's Day Collection

Posted by Whole Earth | 06.09.2020



Find Dad’s Gift in Our Father’s Day Collection!


Well done! You’re already on the lookout for a great gift for Dad. Sometimes it’s easy. If Dad’s got a collection going, finding something new to add to it is a slam dunk. But if your Dad requires a bit more thought and imagination in order to surprise and delight him, we have a few suggestions.



Nitecore NU32 Rechargeable HeadlampNitecore NU32 Rechargeable Headlamp

Is your dad a problem solver? Is he a DIY guy? If something needs to be looked at, worked on or repaired, is he ready to take it on? We think he might appreciate a Nitecore NU32 Rechargable Headlamp. Headlamps shine a bright light on the work at hand or in dark gloomy places like attics or deep under the hood of a car. But best of all, while the light shines, the hands are free. The Nitecore is also an excellent addition to Dad’s outdoor gear collection and the car safety kit.


Yucatan HammockYucatan Hammock

Does Dad work too hard? Do you wish he would just kick back and take it easy once in a while? You can encourage him with a Yucatan Hammock. Picture him in a hammock stretched out and comfy, snoozing on the porch or in the yard, a cool drink at his side and a blissful smile on his face. You can make it happen! A Yucatan hammock is lightweight, cooling, colorful and easy to hang up and to take down. (And it’s a gift the whole family can enjoy!)



Big Wonderful Thing: A History of TexasBig Wonderful Thing: A History of Texas

Is Dad a history buff? How’s his grasp of Texas history? Even if he thinks he knows it all, he’ll find much to entertain and to learn in this grand retelling of the history of Texas. Stephen Harrigan is an engaging guide who focuses on intriguing characters, riveting stories and telling details. He’s written a page-turning account of Texas from the days of the people who quarried Alibates flints on the High Plains to George W. Bush. Dad can open it anywhere and find a fascinating story just waiting to carry him away.



Tori Richard Men's Board Room Short Sleeved ShirtTori Richard Men's Board Room Short Sleeved Shirt

Looks like it’s going to be a long hot summer. If Dad likes to look good no matter the occasion or temperature, here’s a gift idea – the Tori Richard Board Room short sleeve shirt. The Board Room celebrates surf boards by laying them out in an eye-catching, end-to-end pattern which might bring back memories of the beach or days spent surfing. Tori Richard shirts are made of high quality 100% cotton with a finish that helps to keep them looking fresh despite heat and humidity. If Dad likes vintage shirts, the Board Room is already on its way to classic status.



OluKai Men's 'Ohana SandalsOluKai Men's 'Ohana Sandals

Does Dad need an upgrade for his summer flips? If he’s wearing flimsy, easily punctured flips, it’s time to step in and introduce him to OluKai ‘Ohana sandals. These everyday sandals are comfortable and dressy enough to be appropriate for all sorts of occasions. The straps are waterproof and the toe post is made of soft nylon. The footbed is molded EVA foam and the sole is made of a sturdy non-marking rubber with lugs for added grip on wet surfaces. Trust us, Dad will thank you for the upgrade.


These are just a few of our favorites from our Father’s Day Collection. Visit the Collection for even more ideas for that special gift for your Dad.




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