Festival Checklist 2019

Posted by Whole Earth | 09.27.2019

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Festival Checklist 2019


Festival season is here at last! Here in Texas we’re looking forward to Austin City Limits, Oktoberfest and the Renaissance Festival, to name only a few. They’ll be opening their gates in the coming weeks, and we want you to be prepared. Here are some suggestions to help make your day one to remember, for all the right reasons.


1. Don't forget your ticket


2. Visit the Festival Website/Download the App

Visit the festival website before you go. It’s your best source of information about what you can and cannot bring, what facilities are available (recharging stations, for example) and don’t forget to look over the frequently asked questions. Also check your App store to see if there is an app for the Festival. It can be an easy way to double check the schedule or find something new to check out. 


3. Dress Comfortably

What’s the weather forecast? In Texas we can have 40 degree temperature swings in the course of a day in October. Do you need layers? Do you need some rain gear? Are umbrellas allowed? And please be kind to your feet – make sure your shoes are ready for many hours of standing and walking. Blisters on day one can make day two much less enjoyable. 


4. Choose the Right Bag

A daypack or a messenger bag will help to keep your hands free and let you bring your essential items. Be sure to check to see if there are any bag restrictions like size or shape before picking out the best bag. If you are headed to ACL this year you can find their updated restrictions here.


5. Pack the Essentials

What is essential for one person may not be so necessary for another. That said, here are a few suggestions:



6. Goodwill and Patience - Have Fun!





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