Explore Something New in 2024!

Posted by Whole Earth | 12.28.2023

Two brothers taking in the view at sunrise at Big Bend National Park in Texas



Explore Something New in 2024!


As the New Year approaches, resolution season is upon us. We'd like to suggest something different for 2024. Instead of the usual diet, exercise, or money management goals, let the coming year be one where you strike out into new territory. Explore something new! Whether it's discovering the place where you live or a place you've dreamed of visiting, learning a new craft or skill, or giving time to a worthy cause, 2024 can be the beginning of something truly meaningful for you. 



Exploration usually implies something new, but one can explore local as well. How well do you know the town where you live, its history, its hidden gems, parks and trails, local cuisines, festivals, and community events? There's no time like the present to sink your roots deeper into the patch of earth you call home. We have a few suggestions on how you might get started. 



Is there a place that you've dreamed of visiting for years, but somehow have never made it happen? Perhaps 2024 is the year! Start researching in January for that trip. If you already have a destination in mind, dig deeper. What's the best time of year to visit? Are there special festivals or events that can add even more fun to your trip? What are the locals' favorite activities and foods? Where do they gather and how can you join in? Don't have a destination in mind? What do you love to do? What trips have your friends and family taken that you wished you could have gone on too? Check out your options and begin planning to travel now! We can help you get started.



Exploration isn't just about traveling to new destinations. There are all sorts of things one can explore without traveling far from home. Top of our list is acquiring new skills. Camp cooking, learning to read clouds and weather, knots, bird, plant, and reptile identification, and foraging are only a few of the subjects that can upgrade your outdoor skills to the next level. Are you ready to learn how to sew, knit, or quilt, make migas or pies, grow vegetables, learn woodworking skills, play a musical instrument, practice yoga, learn ballet or line dancing? If you live in a good-sized town there will probably be groups you can visit or classes to take that can help get you started in your chosen skill plus you'll be able to spend time with both your fellow beginners and those who are farther along in mastery. 



Here's one last suggestion for exploring something new in the coming year. If you haven't volunteered in your community in the past, this could be a great time to start. Do you have a skill that you can share or a concern that you'd like to get off the sidelines and contribute to? There are so many ways to give to our communities. If your heart is devoted to the outdoors, consider joining an environmental organization or working with programs that repair trails, plant trees, and remove invasive species or trash.  Schools are always in need of volunteers for tutoring, helping in the library, or with special projects like school gardens. Other possibilities are volunteering at a food bank or soup kitchen, and if you're multilingual, working as a translator, or helping others learn a new language. Your local library is an excellent resource to help you discover volunteer opportunities in your community.


Let's welcome 2024 with open arms and open minds and explore something new!





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