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Posted by Whole Earth | 06.12.2018


‘Tis the season for summer vacation, and whether you’re heading to coast, the mountains or across the sea, Whole Earth has clothing and gear that can make traveling easier. ExOfficio clothing is a case in point. It’s made with the traveler in mind: it’s lightweight and packs small. Many pieces include sun protection (UPF 30 and 50) or BugsAway insect repellent or both!


Eagle Creek Blue Bugsaway Bandana sitting on green grassOn Father’s Day weekend, June 14th – June 17th, at Whole Earth, when you purchase $100 of full price ExOfficio clothing, you’ll receive a free BugsAway Bandana!  The offer is good in our stores and online.


Summer brings the usual lineup of biting insects – mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges. They’re always annoying and can sometimes carry diseases. ExOfficio’s BugsAway clothing offers an odorless, invisible Insect Shield technology using a built-in insect repellent Permethrin. Once applied, it is so tightly bound to fabric fibers that garments retain full effective repellency through 70 washings.  It can be washed and dried just like a normal garment as well as bleached, starched and pressed without effect on the repellent quality (just don’t dry clean it, as this removes the treatment). BugsAway is available in shirts, pants, hoodies, socks, caps and bandanas, perfect for men and women whose adventures take them into the wild or wherever biting bugs reside.


ExOfficio believes in traveling light. Their clothing and underwear is made of lightweight, wrinkle-free fabrics that can be washed out in your hotel sink and hung up to dry for wearing the next day. You can wear clean clothes every day without having to take a sizeable portion of your wardrobe along with you. A smaller, lighter bag is a traveler’s delight.



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