Elevate time outside with Kammok!

Posted by Whole Earth | 10.20.2022

Hanging a Kammok Mantis UL Ultralight Backpacking Hammock Tent in Hill Country


Elevate time outside with Kammok!


Camping hammocks changed the pace of hiking. Thanks to their small size and lightweight, they were easy to pack and easy to hang anywhere along the trail where there might be two trees willing to do temporary duty as a hammock stand. It was now possible to put our feet up and take a real break along the way or at our destination.  Soon we were spotting clusters of camping hammocks in local parks with friends chilling together. Hammocking acquired a new meaning!


Greg McEvillyAustin is home to Kammok, a maker of adventure-grade gear including camping hammocks.  Kammock came into being as the result of a camping hammock splitting and dumping Greg McEvilly to the ground. He knew he could make something better, something made with quality materials that could stand up to the normal wear and tear of outdoor life. And so, in 2010, McEvilly founded Kammok.


Crowdfunding provided support for the first Kammok camping hammock and is still used by the company today as a way to introduce new products, gather customer responses and suggestions, and bring their loyal customers together. In twelve years of operation, Kammok has used crowdfunding ten times. Kammok now makes more than camping hammocks. Their gear offerings include blankets, quilts, pillows, gear slings, and an ultralight backpacking hammock tent.


Kammok is a certified B Corporation, one that adheres to very high standards for social and environmental performance. A B Corp is judged not only on its profitability but also on addressing social and environmental problems that stem from the manufacturing and distribution process, balancing profit and purpose. Kammok is also a member of One Percent for the Planet, an international organization whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual revenue to environmental causes.


In 2021, Kammok launched its first 100% sustainable hammocks, made with recycled bluesign-approved fabric GravitasX. The company's goal is to soon use this recycled material in all of their hammocks. GravitasX is made with pre-consumer waste that would have otherwise been discarded as trash. Incorporating recycled nylon reduced Kammok's carbon footprint while still allowing them to manufacture quality gear.


At Whole Earth you'll find our Kammok Roo Double and Single Camping Hammocks are made with GravitasX, Not only is the material environmentally friendly, but it's also strong. The water-resistant, ripstop fabric can sustain a maximum weight of 500 lbs. for each hammock!  Here are a few of the other products you'll find in our stores and online from Kammok.


Kammok Puffin Pillow

Kammok Puffin PillowPerhaps you've been using your Kammok stuff sack loaded with clothing as a pillow when on the trail. But wait! Kammok makes an inflatable pillow designed for use with their hammocks. The Kammok Puffin Pillow inflates easily and adjusts to your personal level of comfort. It's covered with a soft, stretch fabric that is also water resistant, and it can also be secured to the hammock's fasteners, keeping it in place for a good night's sleep. It's lightweight and packs small. You may even want to take it traveling on long trips when a pillow adds to your comfort, but there's little room for extras.


Kammok has developed a line of blankets and quilts with a range of features that make them useful not only when paired with a hammock but also for use at a campsite or even at home. First up, the Kammok Field Blanket.


Kammok Field Blanket

Kammok Field BlanketThe Kammok Field Blanket is a multipurpose blanket that you can use for picnics, and outdoor events, as an impromptu sleeping bag, and as a poncho. The exterior is a durable diamond weave ripstop nylon with PU (Polyurethane) waterproofing. Inside, it's 100% polyester microfleece that also has a DWR water-resistant finish. Snaps along the sides add to the Field Blanket's versatility. It can be held in place as a light top quilt for your hammock. Folded, it's a sleeping bag or with the center unsnapped, a hands-free poncho. For outdoor sleeping, the Field Blanket is rated for temperatures in the 50F to 60F range, or you can use it as a liner for a Mountain Blanket configured as a sleeping bag. And the Field Blanket is machine washable in a front load washer.


Kammok Mountain Blanket

Kammok Mountain BlanketNext on the warmth ranking is the Kammok Mountain Blanket. Like the Field Blanket, the exterior is a durable diamond weave ripstop nylon with PU waterproofing, but the interior is lined with an ultra-plush fleece with a DWR water-resistant finish that's warmer and heavier, making the Mountain Blanket thicker and fluffier. Kammok rates it to 40F to 50F depending on how warm or cold you like to sleep. The Mountain Blanket can also transform into a sleeping bag or a poncho, as well as serving as a picnic blanket and as a soft, warm couch blanket. It too is machine washable using a front-load washer.


Kammok Bobcat 45F Down Trail Quilt

Kammok Bobcat 45F Down Trail QuiltThe Kammok Bobcat 45F Trail Quilt weighs in at 20oz. It's lightweight and warm. The exterior is made of ripstop nylon treated with a water-repellent DWR finish. The Bobcat is packed with 600-fill duck down that's treated with bluesign-approved Downtek DWR finish and is RDS (Responsible Down Standard) sourced. This trail quilt can be used as either a top or underquilt to insulate your hammock when camping in 45F or above temperatures. The Bobcat was not made for picnics, but it can be used as a sleeping bag, poncho, bedcover, or sofa blanket. As with all down fabrics, it must be stored dry and loose to maintain loft. Kammok thoughtfully includes both a stuff sack for time on the trail and a storage bag for times when it is not in use. 


Kammok Joey Gear Sling

Kammok Joey Gear SlingDo you want to keep your gear clean, dry, and away from critters while you're resting but don't want to share your hammock with it? Try the Kammok Joey Gear Sling. Hang the Joey below your hammock where you'll have easy access to your shoes and any other items you might need to lay your hands on quickly. It can hold up to 60 pounds of gear and equipment (but not kids or dogs). The Joey attaches to the carabiners on the hammock. Made of ripstop nylon, it also has a DWR finish and packs small and light (5.5oz). You may want to hang your hammock a bit higher than usual to leave some room between you and your gear. 


Kammok Mantis UL Ultralight Backpacking Hammock Tent

Kammok Mantis UL Ultralight Backpacking Hammock TentHere's an all-in-one hammock tent that can go the distance. The Kammok Mantis UL Ultralight Backpacking Hammock Tent includes an insect net and a rainfly to keep you comfortable and dry on the trail. The hammock is made of diamond ripstop with a DWR finish that can hold up to 300 pounds. The removable insect net includes a Stargazer panel for night sky viewing in clear weather or when the rainfly is rolled back. The rainfly has a PU/Silicone/DWR finish to keep you dry in wet weather. On the trail, the Mantis UL along with all its components weighs in at 2 pounds. Made for backpacking, try it on bicycle trips, and car camping.




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