Eight Tips for Summer Survival

Posted by Whole Earth | 06.17.2020

8 Tips for Surviving Summer



Eight Tips for Summer Survival


Welcome to summer. It’s hot, Hot, HOT! As Texans, we know a thing or two about living in blazing heat. So we thought we’d share a few of our summer survival tips to help you get safely through the sizzling days ahead. 



Yeti Water Bottle1 - Hydrate!

The number one rule of summer is stay hydrated. We drink lots of water and carry it with us pretty much wherever we go. We love our insulated bottles that can keep water icy cold and refreshing, but regardless of its temperature, we drink water. Lots of it. If we’re hiking, picnicking or hanging out in the yard, you’ll find us with a water bottle close at hand.



2 - Start Early

We try to exercise as early in the day as possible. Early morning here is the coolest, most pleasant time of day even though it’s often already in the 80s. When we run, walk, ride bikes or do any sort of vigorous activity, we really don’t want to upgrade our workout by adding a heat stroke challenge to our routine.  And if we can’t get out in the morning, early evening can work, though we have to ‘exercise’ more caution about just how far to go and how hard to push. 



Swimming3 - Visit a Swimming Hole

After exercise, a dandy way to get your core body temperature down in a hurry is to take a plunge in a pool or a swimming hole. Talk about refreshing! We’re lucky here in Texas to have a guide to the best swimming holes across the state. When we’re in the mood for a field trip, we check out the possibilities and before you know it, we’re on our way to a Texas oasis.



4 - Pack snacks and water

Come summer, whenever we go for short outings, we’re sure to carry a small cooler with snacks and water. Kids can’t wait when they get hungry, and truth be known, we don’t like to wait either. But we do try to set a good example. So having a cooler loaded with snacks works for everyone. Fruity yogurt and crunchy veggies are some of our favorites. 



Sun Protection5 - Sun protection

The stars at night aren’t the only things that are big and bright in Texas. We have great respect for the power of our local star, the Sun, and do our utmost to protect our eyes and skin from its harmful rays. We don’t mess around. We wear sunglasses and sun hats and use sunscreen. We even read the instructions! And if we’re going to be out fishing or boating in full sun, we’ll be wearing UPF clothing for every bit of protection we can get. 



6 - Cool Clothing

In summer we want to be as cool and comfortable as possible, so you’ll find us wearing cotton, linen and other natural fibers that breathe when we’re at home or out and about. But if we’re going fishing, birding or hiking, you just might find us wearing technical clothing. These are clothes made with fibers that wick moisture away from our bodies and dry quickly. Sometimes they even have vented backs, and often include UPF protection.



Hammocking7 - Hangout in a Hammock!

A perfect summer’s day for us would include a nice snooze in a hammock with a drink at our side and a book resting gently on our chest. Now that’s relaxation! Hammocks are right at home in the backyard or on the porch. Listening from the safety of a porch hammock to the distant rumble of a thunderstorm as it slowly builds to a crescendo of thunder and rain is one of summer’s great pleasures. And when we hike, we always pack a camping hammock for enjoying the view and taking a load off.



8 - Forget the bugs

One of the sad realities of summer is bugs. We’re all for butterflies and lightning bugs, but mosquitoes, not so much. These days they’re not just a nuisance, they can be the carriers of some nasty diseases. So when the skeeters show up, we deploy insect repellent. There are lotions and sprays that can make us very unappetizing targets. And some of us prefer to wear our protection using BugsAway clothing that’s permeated with a safe-for-humans bug repellent.



We’ve been living with Texas’ summer heat for over 50 years. We hope our summer survival tips will help to make your summer cooler, more comfortable and safe.



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