Back to School in 2021!

Posted by Whole Earth | 08.03.2021

Whole Earthling kids are ready for back to school!



Back to School in 2021!


With our calendars turned to August, it's time to start thinking about the upcoming school year. Whether you're getting kids ready for a return to the classroom or you're heading to one yourself, Whole Earth is here to help you gear up with new packs, lunch bags, water bottles, shoes, clothing and jackets. Here's a sampling of the items that you'll find in our stores and online.



Fjallraven Kanken BackpackNothing says welcome to a new school year like a brand new backpack! If you're looking for packs for children be sure that the pack is proportioned to the child. Oversized packs can place extra stress a child's growing back and shoulders, and with too much extra room, kids tend to carry far more than they need, adding even more stress to their backs. The Fjallraven Kanken is proportioned for older school kids and adults while the Kanken Mini is proportioned for small children. Whether they’re going to school, traveling or hiking kids have things they need to carry. If your child is ready for a real backpack, one made with quality materials, thoughtfully designed and just their size, the Fjallraven Kanken  or the Kanken Mini may be just what you’re looking for.


Osprey Women's Questa PackFor older students, Whole Earth has many choices. Look for a pack with interior compartments, including a laptop sleeve, zippered interior and topside pockets for easy access to phones, keys, wallets and chargers, as well as a side water bottle pocket. Don't go overboard on size. As with the kids' backpacks, if you have the space, you'll fill it. Take what you need and give your back some relief. Padded straps and a chest strap can make carrying the pack more comfortable.  Osprey Women's Questa Pack is a well-designed and constructed pack for school, day hikes and travel. Spending a little more on a pack for yourself or a child, makes sense. Good quality packs can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, so they won't have to be replaced come January.


Lunch Box

Bentology Classic 6 Piece Lunch Box SetLunches have been carried to school in paper bags for generations. But these days, we're lucky to have a few upgrades to choose from. If your child is a picky eater who doesn't want anything to touch, a bento box may be the answer. The Bentology Classic 6 Piece lunch set, keeps lunch items apart as well as making them appealing to the YETI Daytrip Lunch Bag Coolereye and the taste buds.  Bento boxes also help to cut back on the use of plastic sandwich bags. If there will be a long stretch of time between when lunch is packed and when you can finally sit down to eat, a YETI Daytrip Lunch Bag Cooler can keep food safe and appetizing while you wait. The combination of YETI super insulation and the flexibility to fold or roll the lunch bag into a smaller size makes it convenient to carry in a pack.



Water Bottles

CamelBak Kids Eddy+ 12oz Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle

Keeping a water bottle close at hand can help a kid or an adult stay hydrated all day long. We particularly like insulated bottles which keep drinks hot or cold.  While they may cost a bit more, they're worth every penny. A refillable water bottle YETI Rambler Jr. 12oz Kids Bottlemakes sense. Financially, bottled water, juice boxes and individual milk carton purchases can add up quickly. Buy an insulated water bottle and the money that would’ve spent on those individual servings can stay in your pocket. Another reason for using a refillable bottle is that our world is choking on trash and plastic, especially plastic water bottles. With a reusable bottle, it's easy to kick the plastic bottle and juice box habit altogether and help reduce our impact on the planet.




Birkenstock Kids Florida Vegan Birko-Flor Sandals New shoes are another sign of the beginning of the school year. Between a growth spurt or two and lots of outdoor fun over summer vacation, most kids need a new pair of school shoes come August. If you have a daughter who's a fashionista in training, aMerrell Kids Moab FST Low Waterproof Shoes pair of Birkenstock Kids Florida Vegan-Birko Flor Sandals may be her choice. They're flowery, and they're Birkenstocks. When the weather gets colder, add a pair of complementary socks! For the outdoor adventurer, Merrell Kids Moab FST Low Waterproof Shoes are ready for fun on the playground, in the backyard and on family trips.


Dansko Women's Henriette ShoesFor older students who may spend a lot of time walking between classes Dansko Women's Henriette Shoes are stylish andMerrell Men's Moab Adventure Lace Shoes comfortable with a roomy toebox and lightweight flexible soles. For the guys, go with a classic: Merrell Men's Moab Adventure Lace Shoes. These shoes have been men's favorites for work, school and the trail for many, many years. They're versatile, comfortable and durable.



Rain Jackets

The North Face Girls Resolve Reflective JacketYes, your child really does need a rain jacket. A good quality rain jacket is like having two jackets in one. On rainy days, a waterproof jacket will keep your kids warm and dry. But it can also be used on colder days. A fleece jacket or sweaterThe North Face Youth Zipline Rain Jacket worn with a rain jacket on top can keep kids toasty and warm on cold windy days. The waterproof jacket keeps the cold wind out and the fleece or sweater creates a layer of warmth next to the body. Rainy and foggy weather can reduce kids' visibility on sidewalks and crossing the street. Look for kids' rain jackets that are brightly colored or have some reflective material for added safety. 



These are just a few of our suggestions for a back to school list for kids or for yourself. A new school year is an opportunity for a fresh start. Give the kids and yourself if you're heading back to school, the pleasure of new gear, shoes and clothing to mark the occasion!







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