Back to School 2018

Posted by Whole Earth | 07.28.2018


Back to School 2018



The back to school roundup is about to begin - time to check the closets and drawers and put together your shopping list. Chances are good that your kiddos grew over the summer and may be in need of new shoes and clothes. And what about that backpack or lunch kit? At Whole Earth, you'll find quality clothing, shoes and gear to get your kids ready for school. And don't forget, Back to School Tax Free Weekend in Texas begins Friday, August 10th and runs through Sunday August 12th.


So let's begin with your child's backpack. Whole Earth has packs proportioned for kids. A properly sized pack can help to protect their backs from poorly distributed, heavy loads. Backpacks have a tendency to fill up rapidly, often with unnecessary items. Having a kid-sized pack reduces the likelihood for overloading and potential back strain. We have daypacks in fun patterns and colors as well as "mini-me" packs from some of our classic brands.


Are you looking for ways to cut down on the number of sandwich bags you use for kids' lunches? And do you have kids who don't want their food to touch? We have several lunch containers that may be just what you're looking for. Bento boxes are sectioned off for large and small servings, while other boxes are stackable and latched together to prevent spills. Need to keep lunch cool? We have insulated bags with easy to clean inserts, as well as cool packs to keep lunch fresh. You'll also find kid-sized water bottles, some insulated, to keep thirst at bay.


Is your child the neighborhood adventurer, a budding fashionista or a playground athlete? At Whole Earth you'll find shoes for kids of all sizes and levels of activity. If you're in search of closed-toed shoes for school, you'll find running, hiking, water (hose them down and they're good to go!) as well as casual shoes for school and all sorts of occasions. And if their toes can be free, we have sandals for kids as well.


School can be stressful, and sometimes a hug can help. If your child is putting some distance between themselves and a beloved stuffed animal or security blanket, Hugg-A-Planet might bridge the gap. This planet-shaped pillow is soft, good for naps, and a geography lesson all in one. There are six hundred locations, countries, oceans, islands and more, to find. It is also very huggable, a perfect stealth comforter.


If kids aren't wearing a uniform to school, chances are good their outfit will include a t-shirt. They're comfortable, easy to care for, and offer an outlet for self-expression. At Whole Earth, you'll find t-shirts for kids in vibrant colors with fun images. Some celebrate Texas, life outdoors, critters large and small, or share messages of hope for the world. Many of our kids' t-shirts are made of soft, long-lasting cotton. We also have shirts, pants, shorts, leggings and other clothing for school and everyday wear.


Though it's difficult to imagine now, the weather will turn cooler and your kids will actually need jackets for school, travel, playtime and adventures. Fleece pullovers, hoodies or lightweight jackets that can be layered for extra warmth are a great choice. Quality materials, sturdy construction and thoughtful details make Whole Earth's kids' jackets go the distance, and when outgrown, ready to be handed on to younger members of the family.


If you have a budding artist at home, may we suggest the Kid Made Modern Brush Library. It contains 24 brushes in a canvas carrying case. With paper, paints and so many brushes to choose from, watch your child's creativity blossom! Our art supplies include colored pencil sets, watercolor paint and pencil sets, an assortment of crayons and markers, sketchbooks, art pads and tabletop paper roll dispensers.


These are just a few of the items you’ll find online and in our stores for back to school. Get an overview of our selection at our Back to School Collection.






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