Add a Bit of Color and Charm at Home

Posted by Whole Earth | 06.23.2021

The Corn Muffin tea towel and the Morning In the Garden Decorative Dish  both from Greenbox



Add a Bit of Color and Charm at Home!


Now that you're getting out of the house more, perhaps you're seeing it in a slightly different light. If things are looking a bit drab at home or you just need a change, start small.  Add a few touches of color to the kitchen, your favorite room or the patio.  And now that we're traveling again, you may be on the lookout for hostess gifts. Come to Whole Earth! We have a Home and Hearth section filled with items that make great gifts for family, friends and yourself!


Greenbox Art Corn Muffins Tea Towel

Greenbox Art Corn Muffins Tea TowelWe have a thing for tea towels. They add a burst of color in the kitchen and can even be used as a giftwrap that keeps on giving. Whether you're looking for a bit of whimsy or a touch of snark, you'll find it with our selection of tea towels from Greenbox and Blue Q. We love Austin artist Eli Halpin’s Texas inspired art including this Corn Muffins Tea Towel.  The Longhorn, Ostrich, Goat, Pig, Rooster and Cat can’t wait to party after their group portrait. And we also have a Corn Muffins 1,000 piece puzzle.



Greenbox Art Morning in The Garden Decorative Dish

Greenbox Art Morning In The Garden Serveware Decorative Dish	There are times when we like to have objects of mystery near at hand to spark our imaginations. The Greenbox Art Morning in the Garden dish is just such an item. What is going on here? The grey Lop Ear Rabbit eyes us with a certain reserve while wearing a fantastic vegetable, flower and reed headdress worthy of Carmen Miranda. A few of the questions this image provokes include: What is the occasion? How does it stay on? Reeds? You could easily create a story based on your own answers to these questions. And how might you use this decorative dish? A first thought is perhaps on a dresser to corral earrings and other pieces of jewelry or small treasures that bring you joy. Or use it to serve tea goodies or a very special treat.




Greenbox Art Wildflowers - Frog Fruit, Coral Sage & Poppies Vase

Greenbox Art Wildflowers - Frog Fruit, Coral Sage & Poppies Vase

Another instant pick-me-up for home is fresh flowers. A lovely bouquet in a beautiful vase brings pleasure to the eyes, joy to the heart and brightens the atmosphere of a room. Whole Earth offers a series of Greenbox Art vases that range from charming to elegant. However you choose to fill the vase, with wildflowers, garden flowers or carefully chosen blooms from the florist, it will light up a room! Consider a vase, with or without flowers, as a hostess gift. And there's no reason to limit a vase's use to just flowers. Fill it with pens, brushes, scissors and other items you want to keep close at hand.





Corkcicle Rocks Glass Set (2)

Corkcicle Rocks Glass Set (2)

If whimsy isn't your thing, perhaps a more minimalist sensibility will be pleased by the Corkcicle Rocks Glass Set. These double walled glasses are lightweight yet durable. Each glass holds 12oz of hot or cold liquid. Your hands will be insulated from heat or condensation if the drink is icy. There are also two slight vertical indents in the sides of the glass for added grip. The glasses are sold as a set and would make an excellent gift for a friend on a special occasion. At home, bring out the Corkcicles when your favorite sipping buddy comes to call.





Matr Boomie Varuna Frame

Matr Boomie Varuna Frame

Have a favorite snapshot of your friends or family that makes you smile every time you see it? Is it a reminder of fun times you've had together or of someone who is faraway? If you're keeping it on the refrigerator or a corkboard, maybe it's time for an upgrade. The Matr Boomie Varuna Frame surrounds the beloved photo with a standout mosaic frame ready to take its proper place among the treasures of your home. Or if you're looking for a gift for those same friends or family, give them a framed version of the photo. If you love it, so will they.



Aguas Frescas & Paletas by Ericka Sanchez

Aguas Frescas & Paletas by Ericka SanchezAs you might have noticed, we're in Texas. Aguas frescas and paletas are a refreshing way to beat the heat and humidity of long hot Texas summer. If you have no local source for these treats, we are happy to announce that you can now make them yourself with the help of Aguas Frescas & Paletas: Refreshing Mexican Drinks and Frozen Treats, Traditional and Reimagined. Ericka Sanchez shows you how to combine fruit juices and purees for some surprising taste treats. A high powered blender to puree fruit and a strainer to remove seeds and pulps are necessities so you can take full advantage of the fresh fruit flavors.



Murphy's Naturals Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks - 12pk

Murphy's Naturals Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks - 12pkHave the mosquitoes driven you inside on summer evenings? Fight back with Murphy's Naturals Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks! Reclaim the porch or patio and enjoy your time outdoors without the irritation of biting pests. The plump incense sticks are for outdoor use only. The bamboo dust body is infused with active ingredients which include oils of citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, cedar and peppermint. And you'll be pleased to know that Murphy's Naturals uses sustainable and responsible resourcing, is a certified B Corp, and donates 1% to the Planet!



Woodstock Chimes Moonlight Solar Chime - Bronze

Woodstock Chimes Moonlight Solar Chime - Bronze

Once you've reclaimed the porch or patio for the evening, you might enjoy the soft glow of the Woodstock Chimes Moonlight Solar Chime. These chimes make beautiful music any time of day or night with the help of a breeze. But during the day they’re also busy gathering energy from the sun to bring a gentle glow to the yard or porch at night. The five tubes are tuned to the Balinese scale so the sound is musical and peaceful. Hang the chimes where they will receive at least six hours of sunlight each day; and when fully charged, the light will glow for up to eight hours at night.



So if you'd like to refresh your home with a few well-chosen embellishments or you're on the hunt for some hostess gifts, stop by Whole Earth! We have a fun selection of home accessories that can brighten your home and make welcome gifts.

















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