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Texas Big City Holiday Traditions Just as families have their very own holiday traditions, so do cities. In Texas, chances are that these traditions will include extravagant numbers of Christmas lights. In a state where sparkling lights are a year-round phenomenon, when the holidays arrive, it’s no holds barred when it comes to festooning anything and everything with lights. Read More Posted on Dec 3, 2019 by Whole Earth
Pendleton – A Passion for Quality How many of today’s brands do you think your great-grandparents would recognize? Most likely, only a handful. And among the names that you would find on that very short list is Pendleton. A family owned business, Pendleton has been making classic woolen blankets and clothing for over 150 years.  Their name has become synonymous with quality and beauty that can last a lifetime. Read More Posted on Dec 3, 2019 by Whole Earth
Fleece for Fall and Winter Looking for a great all-purpose jacket - one that takes the chill off on a cool morning or one that keeps you toasty while stargazing on a clear cold night? There’s a fleece for that! Fleece is warm, lightweight and soft to the touch. Created as an alternative to wool, it’s an excellent insulator, naturally repels moisture, machine washable and dries quickly. When you layer it with a rain shell, you’re set for all but the most extreme weather. Read More Posted on Nov 7, 2019 by Whole Earth
New Toy and Kids' Book Drive 2019 For the past eight years, Whole Earth Provision Co. has collected new toys and books for children who, through no fault of their own, might not have received gifts for the holidays. Your generosity provided children in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio with presents to brighten their day. The charitable organizations who distributed the gifts are grateful for the donations. Read More Posted on Nov 6, 2019 by Whole Earth
Organic Essentials from Indigenous What do you look for when you shop for clothing? Style, quality materials and craftsmanship? Are fair trade and ecological sustainability important issues for you? If so, Indigenous may be just what you’re looking for. Indigenous creates versatile, stylish knits that are foundation pieces for your wardrobe. Whether you’re aiming for a dressy or a casual look, Indigenous’ elegant lines, subtle colors and soft, comfortable feel will help you look your best. Read More Posted on Nov 6, 2019 by Whole Earth
Thule – For Everything You Carry Thule has been helping people see the world since its founding in Sweden in 1942. Since then, people all over the globe have used Thule products to carry their gear, clothing, and other necessities from one destination to the next. Thule has a mission, and that mission is to help “you transport anything you care for safely, easily, and in style so you are free to live your active life.” Read More Posted on Oct 28, 2019 by Whole Earth
Kids' Outerwear Fall 2019 As a parent you may face three main challenges to bundling your kids up for cold weather. Check out some of our favorite outerwear pieces for kids! Read More Posted on Oct 28, 2019 by Whole Earth
The Patagonia Better Sweater Let the layering begin! We’ve entered the seasonal roller coaster of warm days and cool nights. If you want to be comfortable no matter the weather or the time of day, dress in layers. Shed a layer as the day heats up and wrap up again when the sun goes down. An excellent transition piece for this time of year is Patagonia’s Better Sweater jacket. It looks like a sweater and warms like a fleece. Read More Posted on Oct 23, 2019 by Whole Earth
Merrell Supports the Texas Land Conservancy From 10/17 to 11/3 Merrell will donate $5 to the Texas Land Conservancy for every full price, adult Merrell sold at Whole Earth! Read More Posted on Oct 11, 2019 by Whole Earth
Recycling Meets Outerwear Whole Earth Provision Co. is on the lookout for clothing made with quality materials, that’s comfortable, stylish and durable, and made for life outdoors. When you look at a jacket or shirt in one of our stores, you may not have a sense of how many people, places and resources have contributed to its creation. We’re proud to offer you clothing from makers who are devoted to reducing their impact on the planet by finding new ways to grow and recycle fibers, minimizing the effects of dyes and fiber processing on water resources and people, and using fair trade practices when items are made beyond our shores, all in pursuit of producing a high quality, long-lasting piece of clothing that will serve you well, hopefully for years. Read More Posted on Oct 9, 2019 by Whole Earth
Five Fall Travel Hints Are you ready to escape our apparently endless summer? We are. The mountains are calling with fall color and cooler temperatures. And closer to home, there are festivals and sporting events galore. No matter your destination or reason for getting away, here are a few tips for traveling this fall. Read More Posted on Oct 8, 2019 by Whole Earth
Henry David Thoreau - Whole Earth Hero Henry David Thoreau is best known today as the author of Walden or Life in the Woods, an American classic. In it, Thoreau recounts the two years he spent on the shores of Walden Pond, simplifying his life in a quest to learn what was most essential. In Concord, he lived in his family’s boarding house and worked at their pencil manufacturing business, did odd jobs around town and worked as a surveyor. The move to Walden Pond allowed him the time and necessary peace and quiet to work on his writing, while still remaining engaged in the life of his family and the community.  Read More Posted on Sep 27, 2019 by Whole Earth
Festival Checklist 2019 Festival season is here at last! Here in Texas we’re looking forward to Austin City Limits, Oktoberfest and the Renaissance Festival, to name only a few. They’ll be opening their gates in the coming weeks, and we want you to be prepared. Here are some suggestions to help make your day one to remember, for all the right reasons. Read More Posted on Sep 27, 2019 by Whole Earth
Marmot & ExOfficio Giveaway! Will you be traveling during the holidays? Whole Earth Provision Co. wants you to travel in style! We’re offering you a chance to win a Marmot and ExOfficio clothing collection! A winner from each Whole Earth city will receive a piece of Marmot outerwear and an outfit from ExOfficio! These are iconic brands worn by seasoned travelers whether they’re on a weekend jaunt or the journey of a lifetime. Read More Posted on Sep 18, 2019 by Whole Earth
Travel Smart Event – September 28th & 29th Eagle Creek Travel Ambassador Angel Castellanos knows how to pack, and he’s coming to our San Antonio store on Saturday, September 28th at 11am and our Dallas Preston Forest store on Sunday, September 29th at 2 pm to show you how it’s done! There will also be a drawing for an Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Duffel for demonstration attendees. You must be present to win.   Read More Posted on Sep 11, 2019 by Whole Earth
Rachel Carson - Whole Earth Hero Today Rachel Carson is primarily remembered for sounding the alarm on DDT. The pesticide was devastating wildlife, birds and bees. Carson documented its dangers in her book Silent Spring and faced ferocious opposition from the chemical industry and its supporters. But her case was built on scientific evidence and was able to withstand tough questioning and public scrutiny. She is now considered one of the founders of the American environmental movement that blossomed in the 1960s and 1970s. Read More Posted on Sep 9, 2019 by Whole Earth
Emery Cookston - Whole Earth Ambassador 2019 Phelps Creek Trail. It was the first trail marker I’d seen since I started the day. I felt relieved that it offered a kind of certainty, an answer to a nagging suspicion I’d been feeling for hours: I was lost, alone, surrounded by fire. Read More Posted on Aug 30, 2019 by Whole Earth
Floating on the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers Shannon Owens, our Social Media Coordinator, recently spent the day floating on the Comal and Guadalupe rivers as they wind through New Braunfels, Texas and beyond. New Braunfels now has a ban on disposable food and beverage containers while on the rivers. A veteran floater, here are Shannon’s observations for staying on the right side of the ban and gearing up for a great time on the river. Read More Posted on Aug 30, 2019 by Whole Earth
Diane Wilson - Whole Earth Hero What motivates an activist? If you peel back the layers of a life story beyond the pivotal moments and natural predilections, you’re usually left with deep personal relationships. Protecting our families and loved ones can be the fertile soil from which springs a life devoted to social, political or environmental causes. And these personal relationships are not always with people. Deep and abiding relationships with animals, places, and, in the case of Diane Wilson, the water of Lavaca Bay, can motivate a determined commitment to making the world safer and healthier. Read More Posted on Aug 20, 2019 by Whole Earth
Astral Shoes – for Water, the Trail and around Town Philip Curry was obsessed with kayaking in college. While running some of the best whitewater in the county, he spotted a kayaker wearing a streamlined European version of a personal flotation device (PFD) aka a life jacket. He was smitten and decided to try to make one of his own. So in 1992, Lotus Designs was born, offering Curry's PFDs to the American public. Lotus Designs products were so popular that in 1999, Patagonia made an offer for the company that Curry couldn't refuse.  Read More Posted on Aug 20, 2019 by Whole Earth
Wangari Maathawi – Whole Earth Hero This month’s Whole Earth hero is Wangari Maathawi (1940 – 2011), founder of the Green Belt Movement and winner of the Nobel Peace prize in 2004. She began life in the central highlands of rural Kenya as a member of the Kikuyu community. Read More Posted on Jul 28, 2019 by Whole Earth
Tax-Free Weekend in Texas! When Tax-Free Weekend rolls around, you know that a new school year is coming up fast. This year, at Whole Earth Provision Co., you’ll find quality clothing, shoes and gear for back to school, plus some special events at our Austin and San Antonio stores. Read More Posted on Jul 28, 2019 by Whole Earth
How to Choose a Daypack for School or Work Despite the heat, summer’s beginning to wind down and a new school year is on the horizon. How’s that backpack holding up? Did it accompany you on your summer travels? Has it served admirably over the years, but is now showing its age? Has your child outgrown or just plain worn out their pack?  If it’s time for a new daypack, we have a few suggestions on how to choose one that fits, has useful features, and lasts. Read More Posted on Jul 17, 2019 by Whole Earth
Archie Carr – Whole Earth Hero Archie Carr (1909-1987) was an American Herpetologist who became known as the Turtle Man. His research into the life of sea turtles brought to light the steep decline in their numbers around the world. Together with other scientists and conservationists, he created preserves where sea turtles could nest undisturbed and worked on solving the mysteries of where sea turtles go when they return to the ocean after laying their eggs. Read More Posted on Jun 30, 2019 by Whole Earth

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