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A Whole Earthling explores local at  the Balcones Canyonlands near Austin Explore Local! Here's a nice conundrum. How do you explore the place where you live? Theoretically, since it's your home, you know it well. There's no new territory to discover. However, even if you live in a very small place, there's always more to learn and experience. So let's explore local this summer! Read More Posted on Jun 6, 2021 by Whole Earth
The Whole Earth 2021 Fiesta medal for Fiesta San Antonio benefiting the San Antonio Food Bank Our Whole Earth 2021 Fiesta Medal Our Fiesta medal costs $10 with proceeds going to the San Antonio Food Bank. You'll find them exclusively at our San Antonio store at the Quarry. Supplies are limited so don't wait to add it to your collection. And as a special bonus, with the purchase of the 2021 medal, you'll also receive one of our 2020 medals.  Read More Posted on Jun 5, 2021 by Whole Earth
Whole Earthling practicing her surfing skills on driftwood at the Gulf Coast - photo by Brittan Hussing A Swim Ready Checklist! School's out! Pools, swimming holes and springs are open again, so it's time to get ready for a quick dip, a plunge from a swinging rope or diving board, a few warmup laps, or a nice long float at your favorite water spot. Were you even able to go swimming last year? Many of us could not. So find your suit, swim shorts, sunscreen and any other gear you may need for time in or near the water. Here's our quick checklist of items you may find useful. Read More Posted on Jun 3, 2021 by Whole Earth
A Whole Earthling and canine companion share a beautiful morning on the water in a kayak. Planning a Staycation? Need to get away but you're not ready to jump on board a plane or train just yet? Consider a daytrip or a whole week's worth of adventures close to home. It's time to revisit some of your favorite local getaways and make a list of new places that you'd like to experience. We have a few suggestions for finding fun daytrip destinations and gear that will be useful no matter how far you travel from home. All sorts of places and spaces are opening up so let's get exploring once again! Read More Posted on May 30, 2021 by Whole Earth
Whole Earthling putting on sunscreen by the pool. Sun Protection Essentials When summer comes, we love basking in the warmth of the sun and then plunging into cold water for quick cool off. We know that the sun’s rays can be damaging to our eyes and skin so we take precautions to reduce the risks. They include sun protection clothing and hats, sunglasses and lots of sunscreen!  Read More Posted on May 27, 2021 by Whole Earth
Whole Earthling backpacking in the mountain West Get Ready for Summer at Our Seasonal Sale! Can you feel it? Summer is almost here! If you have plans for outdoor adventures or travel or a nice staycation, this is the time to check your travel gear, outdoor shoes and clothing to see what may need to be replaced or upgraded. For the next ten days, May 21st through May 31st, 2021, you’ll be able to save on in-season items from some of your favorite brands.  Read More Posted on May 21, 2021 by Whole Earth
A close  up look at the Cotopaxi Women's Teca Crop Jacket The Power of Bamboo Have you experienced the power of bamboo? If you’ve tried to remove it from your yard, you know it’s tenacious. That tenacity makes it an excellent renewable resource that can be used for the creation of thread made of bamboo derived viscose. And there’s more. This thread has properties that make it an exceptional choice for blending with other fibers to create fabrics used for outdoor and exercise clothing. Read More Posted on May 20, 2021 by Whole Earth
Campers gathered around a BioLite Campstove 2+ in the desert at the end of day. BioLite – For Your Off-the-Grid Life A camp stove that can charge your phone sounds improbable, but it’s true! It’s just one of the off-the-grid energy solutions offered by BioLite. Focusing on renewable energy, the company uses solar and biomass material for cooking, lighting and charging electronic devices. And a BioLite purchase helps support their engineering and design solutions that bring clean energy to families in Africa and Asia. Read More Posted on May 14, 2021 by Whole Earth
Meet The North Face Athlete Coree Woltering Meet The North Face Athlete Coree Woltering Whole Earth is excited to invite you to a conversation with Coree Woltering, ultrarunner extraordinaire and member of the select crew of The North Face Athletes. He may be best known for his ability to race all distances on all surfaces while rocking his signature Speedo. Coree will talk with our own Emery Cookston about his running career, training methods, preferred gear and what inspires him to be an ultrarunner. Read More Posted on May 13, 2021 by Whole Earth
A colorful mandala of Teva Universal Sandals celebrating 30 years of Teva! Teva - Adventuring Since 1984 A river rafting guide needed shoes that could run rapids and protect his feet both in and out of the water. His choices at the time were sneakers or flip flops. Anyone who has worn wet sneakers knows what a squelchy mess they can be to wear, and it may take days for them to dry out. And flips? One misstep in the current and your flip is gone for good. But Thatcher had an idea. Read More Posted on May 12, 2021 by Whole Earth
Whole Earthlings keeping cool by the pool on a hot summer's day Keep it Cool When summer comes we want to be as cool and comfortable as possible. Summer in Texas can be brutally hot, so you’ll find us wearing cotton, linen and other natural fibers that breathe whether we’re at home, work or out and about. But if we’re going fishing, birding, hiking or out on a boat, you just might find us wearing technical clothing. At Whole Earth, no matter the activity, you’ll find clothing to help you keep it cool on hot summer days.   Read More Posted on May 11, 2021 by Whole Earth
Assorted Patagonia Baggie Shorts hanging on a clothesline Patagonia Baggies - One good pair of shorts It’s rare for a style of clothing to remain popular and virtually unchanged for almost 40 years. Patagonia Baggies have been with us since 1982 and are growing ever more popular. Kids who grew up wearing baggies, still do. Others are discovering them for the first time as adults. Why are they so popular? As one longtime wearer put it, “I wear baggies because I don’t want too much fabric between me and the experience.” Read More Posted on May 11, 2021 by Whole Earth
The colorful  40 piece PlanToys Construction Set PlanToys – Wooden Toys to Inspire and Delight For forty years, PlanToys have sparked young children’s imaginations with toys that are beautiful, safe, sustainably made, and fun! From basic wooden blocks to a pull-along snail, a building crane set and much more, these toys are created to inspire and to last. Read More Posted on May 9, 2021 by Whole Earth
A close  up look at the Cotopaxi Women's Teca Crop Jacket Finding a Great Gift for Mom How do we find a special Mother’s Day gift for the woman who has given us so much? If you’re looking for ideas, Whole Earth would be glad to help. We’ve been assisting folks on the hunt for great gifts for 50 years. For starters, here are a few of our strategies to help you bring that just-right gift into focus. Read More Posted on May 2, 2021 by Whole Earth
A Whole Earthling sport a KAVU Chillba Hat at McKinney Falls State Park near Austin KAVU for Summer Fun Barry Barr was sick and tired of losing his hat to the winds on the Bering Strait. A college student for much of the year, Barr earned money in the summer by captaining a commercial fishing boat off the Alaskan coast. He was convinced there was a better way to make a cap so it would stay on in the wind. Inspired by Teva sandals’ high quality jacquard webbing, Barr created the strapcap. The cap had a low profile and a band of webbing that could be tightened to fit snuggly on the head. In 1993, Barr began selling the strapcap from his car and KAVU was born. Read More Posted on Apr 27, 2021 by Whole Earth
A close  up look at the Cotopaxi Women's Teca Crop Jacket Ready for Spring Showers? These days, thanks to our ongoing drought here in Texas, when we see rain in the forecast, we rejoice. And if we have to head out into the rain to walk the dog, pick up the kids from school or make a quick run to the grocery store, we’re ready with rain jackets that keep us warm and dry in spite of the weather. There’s no need to be wet and miserable if you have a good quality rain jacket. So what makes it good? Materials, finish, breathability and thoughtful details. Read More Posted on Apr 25, 2021 by Whole Earth
Earth as seen from Apollo 17 known as The Big Blue Marble Celebrating Earth Day 2021 Happy Earth Day! While we’re missing the big events of pre-pandemic days, we’re very happy that our stores are open once again for Earth Day 2021. This year we have an in-store event, some special savings, and we’ve created an Earth Friendly Collection of items you’ll find in our stores. And we’re highlighting a few of our most environmentally sustainable brands. Read More Posted on Apr 20, 2021 by Whole Earth
A group of Whole Earth employees and friends gather on Enchanted Rock, a huge granite dome, in Central Texas. Daypacks and Destinations for 2021 At Whole Earth we have a wall full of daypacks for you to choose from, made by some of your favorite brands. We have daypacks for men, women and kids, some minimalist and others loaded with extra features. We use daypacks for school, for work, for travel and for outdoor adventure. Here are a few of the packs you’ll find, among the many, in our stores. One of them may be just what you’re looking for. Read More Posted on Apr 18, 2021 by Whole Earth
A mom consults with a Texas State Park Ranger on where to go in the park.St Meet the Rangers at Whole Earth! One of our favorite events during April Is Texas State Park Month is Meet the Rangers. You can join the fun on Sunday, April 25th, from 2 to 4 pm. Texas State Park Rangers will be in our Whole Earth stores to answer your questions about where to go and what to do in the Parks. They have inside knowledge, and they're ready to share.  Read More Posted on Apr 14, 2021 by Whole Earth
A sock drawer ready to be winnowed for worn out socks for the Smartwool Sock Collection Drive Smartwool Sock Collection Drive Here’s something new: Smartwool wants your thinning, holey, worn out socks! So how does it work? From April 21st through May 2nd, you can bring your clean, tired socks to your local Whole Earth store and place them in a special sock collection bin. Not only will you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve helped the planet by keeping the socks out of the landfill, you’ll also receive a $5 Whole Earth coupon you can use in store or online.  Read More Posted on Apr 13, 2021 by Whole Earth
A group gathered around a picnic table with a meal cooking on a camp stove. Upgrade Your Camping Experience! Tent. Check. Sleeping bags. Check. Cooler. Check. So what else should we bring on our camping trip? Whether you’re a minimalist camper or someone who likes to bring along a few of the comforts of home, Whole Earth offers a robust selection of campsite accessories for you. Some items will be considered necessities for almost any camper. Here are a few of our favorites that you may find useful. Read More Posted on Apr 12, 2021 by Whole Earth
Birkenstock Arizona Essentials EVA waterproof sandals in Jade at the side of a swimming pool Birkenstocks for Spring and Summer! Birkenstock sandals have been a favorite with our Whole Earth customers and staff for almost fifty years.  So what’s new in our Birkenstock collection for Spring and Summer 2021? We’re calling out the Soft Footbed, the Big Buckle, the Franca and the Arizona Essentials EVA. Read More Posted on Apr 8, 2021 by Whole Earth
A photo of the front windows of our San Antonio store at the Quarry. A Few of Our Favorite New Things! Spring is an exciting season in our stores! Lots of new items are arriving in every department. As many of you who have been in our stores know, there is so much to see that sometimes it can be a challenge to spot the new items. Here are a few of our buyers’ favorites that you’ll now find in our stores and online. Read More Posted on Apr 5, 2021 by Whole Earth
An underwater photo of a couple walking on a large flat rock in performance sandals. Our Favorite Women's Performance Sandals You may be wondering, what makes a sandal a performance sandal? Basically, they’re sandals made for outdoor activities.  Performance sandals are made of durable materials, with grippy soles and are rigged to stay on feet. Some are equally at home in the water and on dry land. And as more women discover just how comfortable these sandals can be, they’ve become everyday shoes as well as trusted travel companions for exploring new cities and landscapes. Read More Posted on Mar 22, 2021 by Whole Earth

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