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BigMouth Inc. Bright Unicorn Pool Float


Item # BMPF-0065

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product description

Getting a unicorn to chill with you for a day might seem impossible. After all, they're hyperactive from the steady diet of Tootsie Rolls and energy drinks. But once again, BigMouth Inc. made fantasy a reality by crafting your spirit animal into a BigMouth Inc. Bright Unicorn Pool Float. Besides the obvious (showering yourself in sugary rainbows) it's designed for big fun at the pool or beach. It's made of durable vinyl that's infused with sparkles, so it looks great while holding up to the relentless summer sun. She's sized just right, too—it won't hog up the entire pool but is big enough to be the center of the action.

product specs
  • Over 5ft wide
  • Actually sparkles in the sunshine
  • Sized right for big fun in any size pool
  • Standard air valve
  • Great for pool parties, beach days, and vacations
  • Easy to wipe down, inflate/deflate, and store
  • Approx. inflated dimensions: 68in x 44in x 44in