Whole Earthlings in Action

Our people are the most important resource Whole Earth Provision Co. has to offer our customers. Making shopping fun while providing the highest quality customer service has always been our top priority. To achieve this goal we work diligently to employ helpful, fun-loving, intelligent and knowledgeable folks from a wide variety of backgrounds. They strive to listen and help find solutions to the challenges we all face everyday – what are good shoes for standing or walking all day; how to pack efficiently for a long trip; finding the perfect toy for a child – the list is endless. Today we want to introduce a few of our fine folks.

photo of Bruce
Catching Butterflies with Bruce
Bruce believes that his Whole Earth staff portrait confirms what an optimist he truly is. (Check out the size of his net compared to the butterfly he’s pursuing!) He has been with Whole Earth for 14 years and spends much of his time in the toy department – still a kid at heart. Bruce is a great listener, and with so many years of experience, he understands customer questions and is great at helping folks find exactly what they are looking for.

photo of Alyssa
Alyssa, a Voracious Reader
Alyssa, who works primarily in our clothing areas, has a background in fashion design, enhancing her appreciation of technical fabrics and design, as well as style. Her goal is to help customers find clothes that work for their intended purpose – be it hanging out around town or hiking in an exotic rainforest – while still flattering the wearer. Alyssa also loves books and is an avid reader.

photo of Dave H.
Pickin' Around the Campfire with Hill
Hill loves music and plays several instruments, like the six string banjo, guitar, mandolin, saxophone (alto, tenor and baritone!) and the spoons. He is also into toys, especially the ones made for running around outdoors like our light-up flying discs. Next Spring Hill plans to climb Mount Rainier.

photo of Kristi
Kristi, Urban Farmer
Where some folks see only ugly flat roofs, Kristi sees wide-open spaces, perfect for gardens and even a few chickens. Another veteran at Whole Earth, she offers her extensive travel knowledge and experience when helping customers prepare for trips - great and small. Kristi delights when customers return from their journey and share their adventures with her, bringing the story full circle.

photo of Dave S.
Taming the Outback with Dave S.
As a child, Dave’s favorite movie was Crocodile Dundee, thus the inspiration for his Whole Earth staff portrait. As a Performance Footwear impresario, Dave particularly enjoys helping customers get the right shoes for challenging situations like working in a commercial kitchen, walking around Europe or for treks in Africa. After hours, Dave is a comic book artist.

photo of Leeondra
Leeondra Commands the Beamo
Beamos, a cross between a hula-hoop and flying disc, are one of Leeondra’s favorite toys. But her personal mission is to find comfortable shoes for everyone. She knows from experience that if your feet hurt, everything you do is affected. Being able to help someone overcome troublesome foot pain makes her day.

photo of Dave E.
Shh! Dave E. is On a Safari
The Safari theme spoke to Dave E. He’s always on the lookout for heart-pounding adventures. He’s a rock climber, snowboarder, skydiver, competitive downhill longboarder, and professional backpacking guide. His experience in outdoor sports makes him a great resource in our gear department for all kinds of adventures.

While you’ll only find the folks we’ve just introduced in one store, they are a good cross section of those you’ll meet in all of our stores. Whole Earth has a wide range of unique and interesting goods, and our staff has the knowledge and expertise to help you make wise choices whether you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, a toy for a toddler, new luggage for your dream trip or for some other item in our treasure-trove stores. Come visit us today!