From Dallas to Cuba at our Dallas Mockingbird Store

From Dallas to Cuba at our Dallas Mockingbird Store

October 5th at 7pm    Dallas Mockingbird Store

Travel restrictions to Cuba have been eased. While it’s still not possible to visit the island solely for the beaches, food, music and cars, with planning, you’ll be able to experience them first-hand. Hostelling International’s Ryan Stimmel will tell you how to plan your Cuban adventure in his presentation “Dallas to Cuba: From One Star State to Another,” at our Dallas Mockingbird store on October 5th at 7pm.

From Austin to Cuba at our Dallas Mockingbird store!

After more than 55 years of limited exposure, restrictions are slowly (or not so slowly) beginning to lift and Americans are increasingly fascinated by the prospect of traveling to this tropical island. While travel is still limited, many are choosing to explore Cuba before it becomes overrun by tourists. This session, hosted by an expert in responsible travel to Cuba, will introduce you to the basics of navigating this new travel opportunity, including legal requirements, logistical barriers, must-visit sites, packing like a professional traveler and other necessities for making your trip come to life. Our presenter keeps cultural, social and environmental sustainability and responsibility at the forefront of the conversation. Bring your questions, doubts and ideas concerning traveling to Cuba!

Ryan Stimmel

Ryan Stimmel was born and raised in the suburbs of North Texas. It took time and effort for this responsible travel expert to become aware of the wider world. Since then, adventure travel and eco-tourism have become pivotal parts of his life. Formally educated in sociology, history and philosophy, Ryan is passionate about the cultures and communities in the developing world and confident in his ability to connect one adventurous spirit to another. He brings years of experience in the travel industry in Latin America, as well as non-profit and small business start-up experience to his already extensive background. Ryan is a co-founder of Southern Star Travel and has led many trips to Cuba.

We hope you’ll join us for this timely presentation on travel in Cuba and take the first steps on a great adventure!