Kick Plastic with Costa Sunglasses

Kick Plastic with Costa Sunglasses

Costa, famed for their high quality sunglasses, has a problem with plastic. The company, created by fishermen, is in an excellent position to see what everyday plastic is doing to our rivers, lakes, oceans and wildlife. And what they’ve seen has spurred them to start the Kick Plastic campaign.

Each year, humans produce over 200 billion plastic bottles, 35 million in the US alone. After a few minutes of use, the bottle is discarded and spends the next 1000 years slowly degrading, if it’s not properly recycled. Over ten percent of these plastic bottles end up in our oceans. The bottles along with other plastic pieces large and small are responsible for the deaths of over a million seabirds a year, and over 2/3rds of our ocean fish now test positive for plastics. There is so much plastic in the oceans that a garbage patch twice the size of Texas has formed in the Pacific Ocean. It’s time to kick our plastic habit.

Costa manufactures products that use plastic, and they’re working on ways to reduce their dependence. One area where they found they could make immediate progress was reducing packaging when possible and using more recycled materials. Costa believes that small changes can make a big impact, and so they have a few suggestions on how we can all reduce our use of plastic and put it in its proper place.

Stop using plastic bottles. A reusable bottle is better for the environment, more cost efficient and keeps drinks cooler longer.

Say goodbye to plastic grocery bags. Plastic grocery bags can be replaced with reusable ones made of cloth or recycled materials.

Buying in bulk makes a big impact. Sometimes we don’t notice the amount of packaging that comes with each product.

Take plastic out of takeout. Decline bags and utensils when ordering takeout. Some restaurants will pack your meal in your own container.

Reel in old fishing line. Change your fishing line routinely to keep old, stretched line out of our oceans where it can harm sea life. Old monofilament line can be recycled.

As an incentive to help you get started on your own personal Kick Plastic campaign, Costa if offering a free Kick Plastic tote bag with the purchase of any new pair of Costa sunglasses. Supplies are limited.