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Environmental Philosopher Kathleen Dean Moore is coming to San Antonio

Pederanales Falls State Park – photo by Eric Feldkamp

Pedernales Falls State Park – photo by Eric Feldkamp

A Philosopher asks – What does it mean to love the world?

Philosopher and environmental ethicist, Kathleen Dean Moore has devoted her life to asking profound questions that invite us to reimagine the way we think about the natural world and how we live in it. What does it mean to love the world? What are our moral obligations to future generations? What does the Earth ask of us? are only a few of the questions that she offers to help us clarify our lives and our actions.

The Sol Center in San Antonio will be hosting Kathleen Dean Moore for a lecture and a writing workshop on February 5th and 6th. She is a Professor of Environmental Philosophy at Oregon State University as well as an accomplished essayist and passionate advocate for our planet. Her lecture, On the Eighth Day – Transformation without Apocalypse, is free, though registration is required (details below). The workshop, Nature Writing in the Time of Storms, costs $25 and includes a box lunch.

Professor Moore is an award winning author of several books of essays focused on the natural world. She compares nature writing to an osprey in flight:

Here is how an osprey hunts: soaring over water, patiently watching. All she sees are surfaces, reflections on the riffles, the glistening pines. Then the angle of light changes, or the direction of the wind, and the osprey catches a glimpse of a shadow under the surface of the water. She tucks her wings and dives. So it is with the nature essay. A nature essay begins with patient, loving, informed observation of a particular location. Then it pursues a truth briefly revealed in that place.

For centuries, the nature essay has celebrated the green and singing world. Today, it stands as a witness to the world that we love and are in danger of losing. Some of the topics that Professor Moore will discuss are: What is the power of nature essays? Is there a ‘trick’ to writing good essays? And what is the key to our pleasure in reading them? She requests that all participants in the workshop please attend the Thursday evening lecture. The workshop is open to writers of all levels of experience.

To register for the lecture or workshop or for more information, please call The Sol Center at 210.732.9927 or visit their website. Don’t wait to register! Space is limited.

The lecture takes place at Holt Center at Trinity University – 106 Oakmont Court 78212 from 7 to 9 pm. Parking for the event is at University Presbyterian Church. The Friday workshop will be held at the Sol Center at 300 Bushnell Avenue in San Antonio from 9 am to Noon.