bucketfeet meet & greet – Austin N. Lamar

Bucketfeet banner

bucketfeet believes that art is for everyone, particularly art that you can wear, on your feet! They collaborate with artists around the world and here in Texas to create canvas shoes for men and women, designed with bold patterns and colors.

The first pair of bucketfeet was created by the chance meeting of an artist and a backpacker. The resulting pair of hand-decorated shoes inspired thousands of conversations with amazing people on six continents and powerfully demonstrated the power of art to bring people together. And so bucketfeet was born – artist designed canvas shoes made to bring beauty and connection wherever they go. There are four Texas bucketfeet artists: Sebastian Gomez de la Torre and Santiago Fuentes from Houston and in Austin, Sophie Roach and Madeline Waggoner, not to mention the special ACL Festival designs for men and women.

During the second weekend of the Austin City Limits Music Festival, Whole Earth Provision Co. and bucketfeet are having a giveaway drawing for four pairs of bucketfeet shoes. Here’s how to enter: when you try on a pair of bucketfeet in our AUSTIN NORTH LAMAR store from October 10th through 12th, you’ll receive an entry form for the drawing. We’ll be giving away two pairs of women’s and two pairs of men’s bucketfeet, to be chosen from our stock. This will include the special ACL bucketfeet designs.

On Friday, October 10th, from 1 to 3 pm, the bucketfeet team will be at our Austin North Lamar store to introduce you to their fun, fabulous shoes. So please stop by our North Lamar store and try on a pair. You might win!