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US National Parks and Hostel Hopping at Westgate!

Hostelling International

Have you made your pilgrimage to Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert or the Great Smoky Mountains? Thanks to the foresight of the creators of our National Park system, many of the most magical and spectacularly beautiful places in the country belong to all of us, and you won’t have to break the bank to visit and pay your respects. Willa Rosen of Hostelling International will show you how. She’ll be presenting a program on US National Parks and Hostel Hopping at our Austin Westgate store on Thursday, September 11th at 7 pm.

How is it done? The secret is staying in National Park campgrounds and hostels all along the way. Ms. Rosen will offer road trip itineraries around every region of the continental United States. She is an experienced traveler having traveled to over 70 countries on six continents and is an avid backpacker. As a volunteer for Hostelling International, she shares her knowledge on how to find amazing experiences while on a budget and on the art of finding hidden gems off the beaten path. So get ready to make your dream journey a reality and start planning now with Willa’s help. We hope you will join us!