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Chaco Gives Back 2014

The Seventh Annual Chaco Gives Back program returns to Whole Earth Provision Co. from June 21st through July 6th. During these two weeks, for every full price pair of Chaco shoes and sandals purchased at Whole Earth stores, Chaco will donate $5 to the Friends of Enchanted Rock. The Friends are planning to use the money raised this year to purchase recycling receptacles for the Park.

Doug Cochran, Park Superintendant of Enchanted Rock, points out that many of the Park’s visitors live in San Antonio and Austin where recycling is the norm. More than half of the waste stream at the Park is plastic, cardboard and other paper products. By recycling, Enchanted Rock will greatly reduce its dependence on large waste receptacles and save precious funds that can be used for other areas in the Park. It will also help Enchanted Rock meet its Texas State Parks Green Team goals.

Chaco Footwear, known for their ‘go everywhere, do anything sandals,’ is a very generous contributor to local causes. Since 2008, they have contributed almost $18,700 to the Friends of Enchanted Rock in response to purchases made at Whole Earth Provision Co. stores. The Chaco Gives Back funds have been used for several projects including retrofitting antiquated plumbing fixtures in the Park to low-flow water saving systems, providing funding for visitor trail maps, and improving the trail system by reclaiming areas where small game trails have turned into human ones, causing erosion. Whole Earth thanks you for your support of this program.

U.S. National Parks and Hostel Hopping

Are you ready to hit the road this summer and explore America the beautiful? Is your heart willing but your pocketbook weak? Well, Suzan Schnitzius of Hostelling International USA is here to help. She’ll be presenting a program on US National Parks and Hostel Hopping at our Southlake store on Thursday, June 26th at 7 pm.

You can explore the majestic beauty of America and travel on a budget! The secret is staying in National Park campgrounds and hostels all along the way. Suzan will detail road trip itineraries around every region of the continental United States. Thanks to the foresight of the creators of our National Park system, many of the most magical and spectacular beauty spots in the country belong to all of us. So pack your bags and take advantage of our national inheritance by visiting these very special places.

Suzan grew up traveling around the country with her family and continues to travel today. Her destinations have included the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Acadia and Big Bend National Parks. She has plans to visit Hawaii and Alaska in the near future.

Please join us at our Southlake store on Thursday, June 26th at 7 pm and learn how to make your dream vacation to see our American natural treasures become a reality.

Check Presentation for AIBA

The Austin Independent Business Alliance declared April Local Business Month in Austin. Throughout the month, local businesses gave a percentage of their sales for a day to help support AIBA. Whole Earth Provision Co. led the way on April 1st. As a result, Whole Earth contributed over $900 to AIBA (and that’s not an April Fool’s joke!). Thanks to all our customers who helped to make such a generous donation possible to support homegrown businesses here in Austin. Pictured from left to right, Kevin Lewis, Whole Earth’s representative on AIBA, Rebecca Melancon, Executive Director of AIBA, and Joe Jones, Vice President of Whole Earth.

Are You Ready to Travel with Eagle Creek?

Eagle Creek believes in the power of travel to make us feel at home in the world. Travel transforms strangers into friends, inspires curiosity and opens us to new experiences. And for over 30 years, Eagle Creek has been providing smart, innovative and durable bags, luggage and accessories to make traveling easier.

So, are you ready to start packing?
Here are a few items from Eagle Creek to make packing and traveling easier.

1. The Silk-Undercover Money Belt worn under your clothes keeps important documents and other personal identification items safe and out of sight. Made from soft-to-the-touch, washable moisture-resistant natural silk fabric, it combines comfort and security.

2. No more worries about leaks or security checks! Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Liquid/Gel Set is a durable, reusable one quart zip-top pouch that meets the 3-1-1 TSA requirements. The color coded tops help you identify what you’ve put into each bottle.

3. Save time, space and hassle when you use Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Specter Cube Set to organize your clothes and other travel items. The cubes are made of long-lasting, water and stain resistant material. And they’re translucent, so you can see what’s inside without opening!

4. Eagle Creek’s Cat Nap Blanket will keep you comfy while you’re in transit. Made from micro fleece, it has foot pockets to keep your toes warm and a zippered lap pocket for your iPod™, glasses or book. The pocket also transforms into the blanket’s carrying case.

5. The Sandman Travel Pillow adjusts to your ideal softness and comfort with an easy to use inflation/deflation valve. Close your eyes, and before you know it, you’ve arrived at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to hit the ground running.

6. Eagle Creek’s Tarmac 22 is perfect for business trips or long weekends and is carry-on sized. Its spacious interior is easy to pack and is expandable, giving you extra room just when you need it!

7. Pack stress free with the ORV Trunk 30. This giant rolling duffle has a large unstructured main compartment with a collapsible mesh divider that’s perfect for organized packing using Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Specter Cube Set (see #3).

8. The Pack-It Specter Quick Trip is a duffel style toiletry bag with a large unstructured center space and side pockets, just right for a weekend getaway. It’s made of a durable and water and stain resistant material. And it’s translucent: you can see what’s inside at a glance.

Stop by your favorite Whole Earth Provision Co. store and enter Eagle Creek’s sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip for two to Peru. You’ll spend five days in Peru and including a day in the Sacred Valley and a day at Machu Picchu. You can also enter online and get the details here.

Whole Earthlings Celebrate Father’s Day

Whole Earth Celebrates Father's Day

Do Fathers get the same respect that Mothers do when it comes to celebrating their special day? Among the people we’ve asked, the answer seems to be a collective “NO.” When we queried our staff and friends about how they honored their Dads on Father’s Day, we were often met with a puzzled look, a wrinkled brow and a distant gaze as the search through their memories came up empty. Fortunately, we did find a few families that make Father’s Day a memorable occasion for their Dads and Granddads. And as a public service, we offer up their suggestions to help you make this Father’s Day one that will be remembered.

A cookout with Dad manning the grill, seems to be the most popular way to spend time on Father’s Day.

“The main activity of Father’s Days in our family is exactly the same as that of Mother’s Day (not to mention every other holiday) and revolves around food. In this case, however, we are most concerned with the desires of dear ‘ol Dad’s stomach. Usually, this means something carnivorous.

It seems that Dads are unappreciated in the dining world – as there just aren’t as many “Father’s Day” special meals to be found at local establishments. This is perfectly fine in my Dad’s case because he enjoys grilling and smoking his own food, and if he isn’t feeling up to it, we very well may be rendezvousing to an establishment offering his favorite cuisine: barbeque. In my experience, many Mother’s Day Brunches involve all-you-can-eat meals or special menus and that just wouldn’t fly so well at most of the barbeque joints I’ve been to.

There is often a perception of the mother being the giving one, but my father is giving in his own way, in that he likes to cook for others on holidays and during family get-togethers, maybe even more so than my mother in her later years (though she wouldn’t admit to that out loud). My father finds it relaxing to grill or use the smoker he finally bought a few years ago after wanting one his whole life. He also likes to whip up some of his famous milkshakes.”

A Whole Earth Father and Daughter feeding the animals

Heading out on the road is another favorite way to celebrate. Whether it’s a meandering Sunday drive in the country, a drive with a destination in mind or a full-on road trip, many Whole Earthlings and their fathers take to the highway.

“After all my sisters would call and wish him a happy Father’s Day, my Mom, Dad and I would load up in his truck and drive around West Texas.

My father loves photography and I would drive him to see to Fort Davis, church ruins in Presidio, Terlingua, old mines in Shafter, and Devil’s River near Del Rio. They were day trips devoted to his love of the desert landscape and photography. Anywhere he wanted, I would pull over so he could hop out and take a photo or go on a hike.

I loved driving for him. He would tell us stories of our family history or just philosophy books he was reading at the time. After our explorations we would find a nice cafe and have dinner and start the drive home.”

Whole Earth dad out canoeing with his family

Father’s Day can also be a great time to refresh your memories of beloved family stories and to revisit places that have been special throughout the years.

“In my family (when my siblings and I have the time), we tend to think of Father’s/Mother’s Day as a way to reconnect with our roots in an increasingly separated world. On previous Father’s Days we’ve taken our dad to parks we used to visit as kids (Mayfield Park, Bastrop, McKinney Falls) because that was a huge part of our lives that he shared with us. Our dad doesn’t rock climb so much any more, but he still loves to walk around and see the sights. It helps us reconnect to our memories with him, and helps him feel connected to his legacy in some way (and remind him why he loves the outdoors).

Last year we bought our Dad a genealogy test! He’s always been interested in family history, and this turned out to be a great present for the whole family. Birthdays were always the opportunity to celebrate each individual, but we’ve treated Father’s/Mother’s Days as really a family occasion. Learning family history has brought us together more in discussion, and inspired us to think more deeply about how our familial bonds extend so far back.”

Here are a few other ideas from our Whole Earth staff to help you plan a great Father’s Day!

  • Take Dad out to a baseball game.
  • Go fishing!
  • If you have a gardening Dad, offer to help with his latest landscaping project.
  • Take a hike or go camping.
  • Break out the bicycles and have a family fun ride.
  • Backyard games are fun too. How about croquet, volleyball, badminton or catch with a flying disk?.
  • Go on a picnic for breakfast, lunch or dinner featuring Dad’s favorite foods.
  • Go exploring on the water with canoes or kayaks.
  • If the wind cooperates, go fly kites!

If you won’t be able to spend time with your Dad or Granddad on Father’s Day, be sure to call or Skype/Face Time him. Let him know that he’s special and that you care.

an afternoon on the water

Looking for a gift that your Dad or Granddad is sure to like? Let him choose with a Whole Earth gift card, available in-store or online.