What We’re Reading April 5, 2013

The week got off to a great start with April Fools’ Day stories. We’re including two of our favorites. We also shared an interactive Scale of the Universe, and a story speculating that applause was an early form of mass media. Another story, on a subject near and dear to our hearts, reflects on nature’s ability to reset our minds and bodies.

Here are two of our favorite April Fools’ Day stories:

crdotx / flickr

Amazon Announces Purchase of English™


GoPro to Replace Nikon as NASA Camera Supplier

Here’s an interactive Scale of the Universe. It begins with quantum foam and ends with the whole shebang. See how much and how little of it all we can actually take in.

Niklas Bildhauer / flickr

Megan Garber asks if applause was an early form of mass media, connecting people to each other and to their leaders, instantly and visually and, of course, audibly.