What We’re Reading March 1

Bower Birds, 3-D animations of nebulae, snowboarder Jeremy Jones and the perfect sunset at Yosemite – the best of what we shared this week.

Photographer C. Rowell
“For about one week each February, the setting sun hits the water of Horsetail Fall at such an angle that it glows, looking like a stream of lava against the darkened rock. The so-called firefall attracts hundreds of professional and amateur photographers from across the globe, who flock to Yosemite Valley to capture the ephemeral scene.”

Galen Rowell, Last Light on Horsetail Fall, Yosemite, California, 1973

“For most of us, the thrill of astrophotography lies simply in its beauty and power to reveal what our eyes cannot see. Now Finnish astrophotographer J-P Metsavainio has developed an experimental technique that takes ordinary astrophotography a step further: 3D animations of nebulae.”

Jeremy Jones, Austria, February 2012
“In 12 hours, we go out and experience nearly every emotion in the human range: physical strain, frustration, pain, anxiety, fear, calculation, the joy of making it to the top, the beauty of your surroundings, camaraderie, then the 60 seconds of adrenaline-filled activity.” Jeremy Jones

Photograph Dillon Marsh

“These massive, amorphous avian homes can support hundreds of birds at a time in their complex interior chambers and clusters, and, boy, are they impressive from the outside as well. The effect is somewhat otherworldly and–maybe this is just me?–kinda creepy, as the formations look like they are, or could be, super strange and sentient creatures living off our power grid.”

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