What We’re Reading February 22, 2013

You may not know this but Whole Earth Provision Co. was originally a bookstore. We still have lots of books and lots of readers on our staff. We share interesting articles and photographs amongst ourselves every day, so we thought we would share them with you too.

Portrait of Snowflakes, Alexey Kljatov

Walter sent us this link to an article on Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov’s amazing portraits of snowflakes. Here’s how he does it.

Our new favorite travel tool is Flightaware. We love the interactive maps, weather radar and tiny planes that tell us where our loved ones are on their journey.

Cat Paw Print, Emir O. Filipovic

This was a favorite for those of us who share our homes with a cat or two or three. Apparently, some things never change.

Learning how to learn is probably the biggest gap in your education. Need to learn something new or want to see how the different methods stack up? Read on.

Opte Project - links between the world wide web

Here’s another map we found this week. (We really do love them!) This one shows the links between web pages on the world wide web. Did you know that any two web pages on the web are connected by 19 clicks or less? Here’s why.

This is yet another in a series of posts about what we’re reading at Whole Earth: stories about the environment, ecology, travel, outdoor living, ideas, art, writing, history, science, and creativity, and the people who make it happen. Have a suggestion? Please leave us a comment so we can add it to our reading list.