What We’re Reading February 15, 2013

You may not know this but Whole Earth Provision Co. was originally a bookstore. We still have lots of books and lots of readers on our staff. We share interesting articles and photographs amongst ourselves every day, so we thought we would share them with you too.

Earth From Space PBS

Did you see Earth from Space, this week’s special episode of Nova on PBS? Get ready to be amazed at the secrets that have been unlocked by Earth observing satellites. Donna gives it five stars!

Sun photos from the backyard

Miles points out that you can take spectacular photos without using a satellite. Look what a backyard astronomer accomplished using special solar filters (Do NOT try this without using the proper gear!)

Ideas: old versus new

“A curse of the 21st century is the belief that the new prevails over the old and that the new is superior to the old. I’ve realized the opposite is true with respect to ideas.”

Audubon's Top 100 images

Here’s a treat! Audubon Magazine has posted the top 100 images from their fourth annual photography contest.

This is yet another in a series of posts about what we’re reading at Whole Earth: stories about the environment, ecology, travel, outdoor living, ideas, art, writing, history, science, and creativity, and the people who make it happen. Have a suggestion? Please leave us a comment so we can add it to our reading list.