What We’re Reading 1-11-13

Science on a Sphere Image

Science on a Sphere - NY Times

Take a look at the latest digital wonder: Science on a Sphere. Terrestrial data becomes dynamic as currents flow, weather systems move, Pangaea divides, oceans heat and cool and airplanes fly across a digital Earth.

Stephen Hawking Image

Stephen Hawking - Wikipedia Commons

Tuesday was Stephen Hawking’s 71st birthday. To celebrate, Brainpickings posted Errol Morris’ documentary on Hawking “A Brief History of Time”. Previously available only on battered VHS tapes and DVD’s, Morris has made the film available online for free.

Webster Dictionary image

Webster Dictionary - Bradley University

Tomahawk, lengthy, caucus and spry are just a few of the dangerous words Noah Webster included in his 1828 dictionary. From an excerpt published by Delancey Street from Jill Lepore’s The Story of America, “A Nue Merrykin Dikshunary.”

This is yet another in a series of posts about what we’re reading at Whole Earth: stories about the environment, ecology, travel, outdoor living, ideas, art, writing, history, science, and creativity, and the people who make it happen. Have a suggestion? Please leave us a comment so we can add it to our reading list.