Archeolympics 2013

6th Annual Archeolympics: 2/9/13 10am - 4:45pm at Seminole Canyon State Park

Have you ever thrown an Atlatl or a Rabbit Stick? Do you have the strength and patience to build a friction fire? If so, you may want to head out to Seminole Canyon State Park & Historic Site for the Sixth Annual Archeolympics. The competition is open to all and is focused on having fun while learning about the ancient life ways of the Archaic peoples of the Trans-Pecos region three to four thousand years ago.

An Atlatl is an ancient hunting device used to hunt deer and other large animals. A Rabbit Stick is a boomerang-like weapon used to hunt small animals like rabbits. At the Archeolympics you can learn how to use them and even take part in the competitions if you’d like. Atlatls and Rabbit Sticks will be available for public use. (Please note: the competitions use targets, not critters!) There will also be demonstrations of friction fire-starting, but competitors must bring their own equipment and kindling. Other demonstrations include flint-knapping and rope making using native plants. You can also take part in scheduled tours to visit some of the famed rock art sites in the Park. An archaeologist will be on hand to answer your questions about the ancient people and their artifacts. Representatives from Las Moras Frontier Living History group will tell you about life in the Trans Pecos during the Frontier era, and Rock Art Foundation guides will lead tours to selected rock art sites.

The Archeolympics take place on Saturday, February 9th from 10 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. at Seminole Canyon State Park & Historic Site.

A schedule of the day’s events is available by calling Seminole Canyon State Park and Historic Site.

Rules and Regulations for the event have been posted by the Texas Atlatl Association.