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Give a ‘Love to Grow On’ with Acorn Footwear

Help us raise $20,000 for Boys & Girls Club of America.

This holiday season, shop to make change with Whole Earth Provision Co. and Acorn Footwear. Acorn will donate a dollar to Boys & Girls Club for every pair of shoes purchased at Whole Earth Provision Co. this December.

Acorn is known for comfort slippers, shoes, and socks. Their mission stems from a belief that it’s the little details that make life’s experiences the most rewarding. They believe everyone should feel comfortable in their skin. This December Acorn is offering comfort beyond what a child wears; it’s a sense of confidence that could be the difference in reaching their full potential. For every pair of Acorn slippers and shoes sold in-store at Whole Earth Provision Co., one dollar will be donated to Boys & Girls Club of America.

”Comfort goes beyond what you put on your feet to how you feel in your own skin,” says Sonya Purington, Marketing Manager, at Acorn, “Kids need to be comfortable and confident in order to reach their full potential. At Acorn, we realize the value of loving yourself for who you are – and who you have the potential to be. Through this campaign, our customers can help us help children find that confidence. We are excited to work with Whole Earth Provision Co. to share comfort and warmth with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.”

Boys & Girls Club of America History

Boys & GIrls Clubs of America continue to inspire and educate young people to realize their full potential as responsible, caring citizens. Today’s youth are fighting against odds that may put them into a crisis situation: 3 of out 10 kids won’t graduate on time; 15.1 million kids are left unsupervised after school when juvenile crime escalates, and three out of ten kids are obese or overweight. Boys & Girls Clubs offer a safe place to learn and grow, a way to connect kids with life-enhancing programs and developmental exercises guided by 276,000 caring staff and volunteers. In fact, 80% of club alumni say the Club had a positive impact on their attitude toward health and fitness according to a Harris study.

Learn more about Girls & Boys Clubs of America Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

This holiday season we invite you to shop for your loved ones while making a change that will last a lifetime.

November’s Full Moon and Bill Nye


photo: memekiller

Today we celebrate a fortuitous conjunction – November’s Full Moon and the birthday of Bill Nye The Science Guy! Bill made science fun for all ages. So if you’re in need a refresher on the phases of the moon, tides, eclipses and lunar origins, cue up episode 11 “The Moon” and reprise one of the best theme songs ever.

And don’t forget, lunar is the root of lunacy!

TreeFolks Sapling Giveaway – Austin Westgate!

sapling giveaway image

Mexican Oak image

win a six foot Mexican Oak!

Goldenball Leadtree image

Goldenball Leadtree
(Leucaena retusa)

Pecan Tree image

(Carya illinoinensis)

Bur Oak Tree image

Bur Oak
(Quercas macrocarpa)

Carolina Buckthorn Tree image

Carolina Buckthorn
(Rhamnus caroliniana)
TreeFolks Logo

TreeFolks, a group dedicated to growing Austin’s urban forests, will be giving away saplings at our Austin – Westgate store (4477 South Lamar) on Saturday, November 10th from noon to 2pm. This year, Treefolks will be offering Goldenball Leadtree, Pecan, Bur Oak and Carolina Buckthorn saplings for planting. Approximately 300 saplings will be given away. You can also enter a drawing to win a six foot, container-grown Mexican White Oak!

Across the country Arbor Day is usually a Springtime event, but here in Central Texas Fall is the best time of year to plant trees. Cooler weather gives trees a chance to develop their root systems before being blasted by the summer heat. You may ask, why plant trees when we seem to be living in a time of perpetual drought? First of all, these trees are natives and have been chosen for their drought and heat tolerance. They will need to be watered – about one and a half gallons a week – but this amount can be easily captured from your morning shower or veggie washing water. Secondly, when it does rain, these trees provide a net gain for the water cycle, helping to recharge ground water and to slow and clean runoff.

Trees are vital in reducing the urban heat island effect. On a hot summer day, streets, roofs and parking lots can be 50 to 90 degrees hotter than the air, while shaded surfaces remain close to air temperature. All these super-heated streets and parking lots can increase average temperatures within the city by as much as five degrees Fahrenheit. Strategically planting trees to shade streets, sidewalks and roofs is one of the best ways to help keep our city cooler.

Since 1989, Treefolks volunteers have planted more than 250,000 trees in the Austin schools, parks, medians, right of ways, community gardens and greenbelts. These trees help preserve Austin’s quality of life by cooling the air, cleaning precious water and providing an urban forest that keeps Austin green and in touch with the natural world. To learn more about TreeFolks, their volunteer programs, classes and sapling giveaways visit their website.