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Happy New Year from Acholi Beads

The message below was received on January 21, 2010 from the Acholi Beads company. Though it was directed to our jewelry buyer, it contains exciting news for all of us who appreciate and wear the wonderful beads being discussed.

Hello Acholi Bead Friends,

I just wanted to send along a Happy New Year and update you on some neat things happening with Acholi Beads. Acholi beads is happy to report that we had a wonderful year last year and feel so blessed about all the growth that is happening amongst us. It is so encouraging because the more we grow the more ways we can help those in Uganda. We started with just a few bead makers and last year were able to grow to 27 bead makers. Our goal for 2010 is to have 50 bead makers by the end of the year. This year many of our bead makers were able to get identification cards for the first time. This might not seem like a big deal to us America, but it is very hopeful for the woman in Uganda. Having identification opens new doors for them and allows them do things like open bank accounts and start new businesses. It is a delight to get to hear about all of the stories of success and hope that our bead makers are having. We want to thank you for being apart of this fantastic journey. We are all a team and it is so great l to be a part of a socially proactive business that is benefiting so many. James, our founder, will be heading to Uganda for a few months with a designer from California who will be meeting with the bead makers and teaching them many new things. We will keep you updated on his travels and pass along his incredible stories.

Hope all is well!

Macey Garwood

Banff Festival Dates Announced

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Whole Earth is very pleased to announce that the Banff Mountain Film Festival will return to the Paramount Theatre in Austin this Spring. It will be a two night affair on the weekend of April 10 and 11. On Saturday night at 8:00 pm, the Radical Reels lineup will play and on Sunday evening at 6:00 pm the World Tour for 2010 will be screened. As always, a special tour host direct from Banff, Alberta will introduce each film on both nights. Cost for the events are $20 for a single night and $35 for a ticket to both night’s features. Tickets will be available about March 1st at all three Austin Whole Earth locations, at the Paramount box office, and through (phone: 866.977.6849). view current information

Be sure to come early – doors open one and a half hours prior to show time – and browse the various displays. Several of our gear and clothing manufacturers have their latest products to examine, and very often they have free stuff for you. In addition we’ll have interesting local non-profit organizations present to discuss their projects and missions.

The main attraction remains the incredible films: beautiful photography, thrilling action, intriguing cultures from around the world. For a breath-taking preview, take a look at this video:

World Travel 101

Come learn about staying in a hostel from $10 a night…
Learn about affordable and safe travel by attending this free presentation on Wednesday evening, January 27, 2010 at 7:00 pm. Whole Earth Provision Company, 2501 Post Oak Blvd., Houston
For more information, call Kelly at 713.594.6674.

Haiti Earthquake Relief

Oxfam InternationalOxfam International
Doctors Without Borders
Doctors Without Borders
Partners In HealthPartners In Health

Recycling at Whole Earth

For some time now you have been able to stop by any one of the three Austin Whole Earth stores to drop off your used up household batteries. We are a collection point for the City of Austin’s battery recycling program. As of this month those same Austin locations are also joining InviroInk’s group of collection stations for spent printer cartridges and cell phones. InviroInk does a great job of cleaning up and refilling cartridges and of refurbishing old cell phones. They then are an on-line reseller of those products.

Whole Earth is proud to be a part of both these systems that seek to keep dangerous and voluminous elements out of the landfill. After all, to be able to reuse them is their highest calling.